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the shark bed for cats

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This is the sharky bed in a bed of kelp. Does your cat sleep in the bed you bought him? Or does he prefer the ironing pile, the airing cupboard or, in fact, any place other than where he is supposed to sleep? The frustrating fact of the matter is that many cat beds are bought, taken home, given a look of distain by the intended recipient and then never looked at again, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Cat beds come in a huge diversity of shapes sizes and styles, and after an unsuccessful introduction many owners have gone and bought a new style or shape again and again, with much the same result each time and an ever growing pile of unused cat beds clogging up the house.

Granted, some beds don't suit some cats for a number of reasons, but in truth the problem is not usually the bed - it's the cat. More specifically, it's the mindset of the cat and what the cat thinks about the bed.

Now go out there and get yours.

Thursday September 9th, 2021
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